Monday, July 13, 2009

Recollections of Volunteer, Denise D'Aurora

I am so excited about the new building! I go way back as a volunteer to the Congregational Church basement kitchen in Southeast Minneapolis.  My dear friend, Lloyd Simms got me to go with him on Thursday mornings.  We laid out slices of bread for sandwiches, added a serving of soup, and delivered before going back home ourselves.  I used to worry about whether or not we were hygienic enough--we were making meals for folks with compromised immune systems after all!  No sanitizer, brushes or gloves, just soap and water.  The new building is a wonderful testament to Bill Rowe's vision--and to the commitment of the wonderful staff members (past and present) the Board and most of all, volunteers. It is such a privilege to be involved. My congratulations and thanks!
Denise D'Aurora  

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