Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weekly Recipe #91: Thanksgiving Favorites from the Staff

In honor of the holiday fast approaching, we polled some of the staff about their favorite Thanksgiving food:

Kelly McManus, Creative Director: "Stuffing. And gravy. And turkey. And cranberry sauce. Do I have to pick only one?"
Elizabeth Polter, Client Services Director: "Pecan pie."
Asei Tendle, Food Services Director: "My mom's cornbread stuffing."
Jeff Langaard, Finance & Administration Director: "Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year! I could not live without turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, and corn."
Gwen Hill, Registered Dietitian: "Pumpkin pie!!!"
Tim Reardon, Executive Director: "Stuffing is right up there with the dark meat of the turkey and apple pie...it's too hard to choose, I like them all!
Max Drewes, Client Services Assistant: "Mashed potatoes."
Rita Panton, Kitchen Manager/Bread Production: "Cranberries and sweet potatoes."

Ellen Klahn, Volunteer Services Associate: "My mother's homemade turkey gravy -- it just makes everything that much better. Turkey drippings with flour and milk -- what more could you want?"
Nancy Benedict, Events Director: "I love a good juicy slice of turkey!"
Jeanne Foels, Marketing & Outreach Coordinator: "Definitely sweet potatoes...the more butter, the better!"
Melissa Henry, Volunteer Services Assistant: "Cranberry sauce."
Kienan Mick, Finance Assistant: "Pumpkin spice bars with cream cheese frosting."
Jennifer Van Wyk, Deputy Director: "Wine."
Cassie Mead, Kitchen Manager/Catering: "My aunt Mindy's mashed potatoes and gravy!
Rebecca Tofte, Development Director: "Leftovers. I love making a turkey, dressing and cranberry sandwich on ciabatta the day after Thanksgiving."
Ben Harrelson, Kitchen Manager/Quality Control: "Dark meat turkey."
Paul Tatro, Development Associate: "Garlic mashed potatoes!"
Susan Pagani, Communications Director: "Kentucky wonder beans with butter, salt and pepper. And then, of course, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. If I didn't have turkey, I wouldn't really miss it."
Kent Linder, Operations Director: "I would have to say stuffing. It's the best."
Bob Jernberg, Janitorial/Kitchen Prep: "Turkey, of course, but also dressing and hot apple pie!"
Pete Fischer, Volunteer Services Coordinator: "Stuffing."

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